Day 2, At Sea, January 22, 2018

We woke to calm seas and breezy, warm weather on the 22nd.  We took our time getting going; what’s the rush?  No place we have to be and no one to answer to; as the T-shirt says, “life is good.”  We eventually made our way to the stern, outside the Oceanview Cafe and found a nice table, in the shade, near the bar, with a great view of the Atlantic.  We relaxed here for a few hours with a couple of glasses of white wine, just taking it easy and whiling away the hours.

View of the Atlantic from our table

There was a show at 7pm that we decided to attend.  The performer, Ashlie-Amber Harris, is a vocalist who concentrated her presentation on music originally performed by Whitney Houston.  Ashlie-Amber has a beautiful voice and did Whitney proud.  Then, after the show, we went to dinner in the Moonlight Sonata dinning room.  When I look at the room I’m somewhat conflicted by the design.  I find the white structural supports interesting; am I in the belly of a whale or are they the ribs of some prehistoric animal?

Moonlight Sonata dining room

When we booked the trip we requested a table for two.  When we arrived for dinner it turned out that our table for two grew four more seats.  That just wouldn’t do so we were off to see the Maitre D’ who resolved our problem and we were escorted to table 260, a nice table for two.   We each had salmon tartar as an appetizer and rack of lamb as our main course. Both were quite good.  Then, after a glass of port, it was off to the Grand Foyer for drinks and a dance or two.

The Grand Foyer is a nice spot for a foxtrot or two; and a foxtrot or two is a pleasant way to end the day.


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