“Travels with Cappy” is a photo journal and an evolution from the handwritten journals I used to keep.  Its purpose is two fold.  First, it is intended to catalog in words and photos the journeys taken by my wife, JoAnn, and me.  Our journals are primarily for family and friends, however, we want to share them with others who have an interest in travel and/or photography.  We intend, as much as possible, to record our travels on a day-to-day basis.  In some instances, due to poor (or possibly nonexistent) internet service, we will be playing catch-up.  Its second purpose is to exhibit from time-to-time photos I take which I also wish to share.

We have been fortunate to travel the world over; more often than not by ship.  I have taken thousands of photos.  Travel with JoAnn and photography are my main passions.  You will always find me with a bag over my shoulder and a camera in my hands.  When I’m not looking through a viewfinder, you may see me buying postcards and stamps.  Over the years, I have documented our trips through postcards sent by me to me from every stop we make.  As you can imagine, I have thousands of postcards from every corner of the world.

As our blog develops, I intend to revisit portions of my photo library and post from travels past.

Please let me know your thoughts about our blog.  Constructive criticism is appreciated.