Sibenik and Trogir, May 12, 2018

We arrived in the morning on Saturday, May 12th.  It was a lovely day, warm and sunny.  We sailed into Sibenik


for our trip to a small family farm.  We were bound for Burnji, a local Dalmatian village, for a taste of grappa and a snack.  We began our journey at sea level and followed the coast for many miles before turning onto a narrow road that quickly climbed into the mountains.  The view as we rose was spectacular (no photos, I generally don’t take photos from a moving bus).

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Burano, May 10, 2018

From Murano we took a 20 minute boat ride to Burano.  As the day wore on the weather started to change and by the time we arrive the sun was starting to peek through the clouds and began warming the day.  Unlike Murano, the houses and buildings on Burano were very colorful.  Here is a shot as we were approaching the dock.


According to Barbara, Burano is famous for lace although it is apparently a dying industry as not many young people (make that young women) are learning the craft.  Barbara told us that there is a centenarian still active in producing lace.  She can be seen walking around the piazza using her walker.

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