Day 1, Departing for London, June 15, 2017

And, so it begins.  We are packed and ready to go.

Travel corner surrounded by memories of journeys past; paintings of San Francisco and Venice; a plate from Amsterdam and a mask from Carnival in Venice

On our way to London, then Scotland and onto Norway and the land of the Midnight Sun.  Departing on the 6:30 pm flight from Philadelphia to London.  Will arrive tomorrow at about 6:30 am.  We’ve been waiting for this trip for almost a year.  During that time we have been traveling vicariously on Viking Ocean as we devour the blogs and posts of fellow travelers.  Thanks Cruise Critic for stoking our enthusiasm.

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  1. Sharon Quintavalle

    Safe travels. Will look forward to following your trip!!
    Happy happy anniversary!!!!!🍷🍾💕🍺✈️🛳

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