Day 5, At Sea, June 19, 2017


After two busy days in Greenwich, we have a day at sea.  The weather is glorious, warm and sunny with a slight breeze.  We slept in and lolled around the ship.  Took a few photos of the vessel.  The ship is quite lovely.  Plenty of space, most of it quiet.  No loud music and limited announcements.  Really pleasant.  No casino and no bingo (to my knowledge).

Here are a few of my photos of the ship’s outside areas:

Here are a few of the inside common areas:

The Atium is lovely.  Here is a shot from Deck 1 looking up the main staircase.  The photo changes regularly.


Here is a shot from the top of the staircase looking at the Steinway.


At 6pm we went to a Meet and Mingle organized by Cruise Critic and Viking.  We met a number of people including Roothy123 and Theremin.  I was hoping Ella would be there but apparently she could not make it.  Sorry I missed her.  I would like to have seen her.

From the Meet and Mingle we went to the Chef’s table for dinner.  Tonight’s five course menu included spicy tuna tataki, which was terrific, and beef tenderloin with four warm spices.  This too was excellent.  Desert was an apple tatin which was also very good. All courses were paired with wine designed to enhance the dining experience.

From dinner we went to the show; “Songscape: An Operatic Fantasy.”  The presentation was well done.  The entertainers all had wonderful voices and we throughly enjoyed ourselves.  Then it was off to the room to prepare for Edinburgh.

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