A Few of my Favorite Photos from China, May 2011

I was just reminiscing as I looked at some of my photos.  We have been really fortunate to travel far and wide.  Still many places to see but here are a few from China, where we visited in May 2011.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.  I captioned some where I thought it would be helpful.

May 05 2011 0157
Forbidden City, Beijing, China, detail on door.

We went to the opera one evening and were able to visit back stage before the show began.  I took this photo of a lead performer as she was applying her makeup.  It is one of my all time favorites.

May 07 2011 0049
Preparing for the opera

Some shots from Beijing and along the Yangzi River, where we cruised for five days to Shanghai, after visiting the Terra-Cotta warriors in Xian.

The Terra-cotta warriors were originally painted.  The color has faded over the years but if you look really hard you can just make out the slightest hint of it.


A visit to Jing Shan Park in Beijing disclosed this street artist.  I found his art of calligraphy very interesting and entertaining.  His medium was water and his work quickly disappeared, but not too quickly as I captured it with my camera.

May 06 2011 0014
Vanishing street calligraphy, Beijing

This photo of a bride and groom was taken outside the Temple of Heaven.  I find the composition, with the groom sitting on the wall looking down on his bride, very interesting.

May 04 2011 0039

Unfortunately, some of my photos from the trip are missing.  I will continue to search for them.  Here are a few more from the ones I have available.  I will eventually find the others and post some of them in the future.

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