Murano, May 10, 2018

On Thursday, May 10th, we got up early, finished packing so our luggage could be picked up by 8am, and then went to breakfast on the hotel terrace.  I took a couple of last minute photos.  Take a look.

After breakfast, we checked out of the Danieli for trips to Murano, in the morning, and Burano, in the afternoon.

We boarded our boat to Murano around 9am with Barbara, our local  Venetian guide, and Scott, our Tauck representative.  Murano is famous for beautiful blown glass products and, once we arrived, we were treated to a demonstration at the Ferro-Lazzarini factory.DSC05961

We watched a master glass blower create a sculpture of a horse.  Take a look.


After the demonstration we stopped in the showroom on our way to a stroll along the quay.  The glass products, no pictures allowed, were beautiful.  I never knew that 24 karat gold was use in creating the red color in glass.  That explains why red products are so expensive.

The morning was overcast.  The buildings were drab and the colors muted.  The lighting led to interesting contrasts for my photos.  Here are a few taken as we walked along the quay toward the local church.

We stopped on the canal bridge . . .


. . . for a photo with Barbara and Scott before heading to the Basilica of Santa Maria e San Donato for a visit.


As I said before, Barbara was terrific and Scott, an art historian, is a great representative for Tauck.

The church was interesting.  The interior is plain, bordering on drab.  He are a couple of shots inside and out.

After our visit to the Church of Santa Maria e San Donato we returned to our boat for a short trip to Burano.



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