The Island of Hvar, May 15, 2018

The day was overcast as we anchored off the small Dalmatian fishing village of Hvar, one of the most popular and trendy spots in Croatia.



Our tour began with a visit to the fort overlooking the harbor; the view was outstanding.

From on high, the sight of Le Lyrial at anchor, framed by the town and small cluster of islands, was lovely.


Then it was off to the sleepy little seaside village of Stari Grad.


We strolled around and enjoyed our few moments of free time.  Clearly, fishing is part of the life-blood of this scenic place.


I took a few shots of the paths and squares leading from and around the harbor.


It was interesting, where ever we went, from the monastery, to the harbor, to the streets leading from the harbor, there was almost no one.  It was a ghost town.  I imagine that as the tourist season arrives (we were early in the season) the village must come alive.

I especially like this shot of a man, deep in thought, walking toward me . . .


. . . and this one of the village sentinel.


On our way, we stopped at the Dominican Monastery.

Before returning to the main town, we  detoured for a wine tasting in Vrishik.  The winery was attractive and the local wine very good.

Back in Hvar for lunch and a later walk around.  Lunch was at Prosper Grgicevic, a pleasant, quayside restaurant, where we indulged ourselves with grilled scorpian fish.


The weather was changing and we wanted to look around before returning to the ship.  Here are a few shots of the area, which I took before the rain began.

Evening was coming and we were sailing on the way to Pula and Rovinj.




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