Cruising the Inside Passage, Alaska, August 11, 2018

Not much to say about today.  It’s a day cruising the inside passage on our way to Vancouver, Canada.  It’s also our last day on board and packing, although a nuisance, is a must.  As with everywhere except Ketchikan, its raining.  What a monotonous thing to have to report.  I’ll bet even you, the reader of this journal, is getting tired of reading it.  Imagine how we feel.  And yet, in some ways the rain, wind, clouds and mist provided a mystery and beauty to the land.

I didn’t take any photos today as there is nothing more to add.

We took it easy in the morning.  We took it easy in the afternoon up until, that is, packing time.  Then we took it easy again in the evening.  We started with cocktails in the Ocean Bar with our family.

Pre-dinner cocktails was the one time in each day when we gathered together as a family; it was the time when JoAnn and I learned about their experiences during the day.  That’s when we learned about their visit to the sled dog training center and about their rafting trip when Colin, who is bound for Penn State University when we return, jumped in the water to test the wet suit.  This trip was special for Colin, Casey and Valerie as it was a graduation present and a chance for the three of them to experience Alaska together.  Colin loves the outdoors and intends to major in environmental science at the University.

Tonight was our night in the Pinnacle Grill and, as I said before, we certainly enjoyed our dinner and our last night on the Noordam.

Well, our bags are packed and waiting to be hustled into the hold for offloading tomorrow.  Vancouver, here we come.

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