Shimizu, or should I say Shizuoka, in the morning, April 26, 2019

According to Azamara we were docked in the port of Shimizu. So I looked in my Eyewitness Guide to Japan and, damn, I could not find Shimizu. Now, that said, we took a look at the port map provided by Azamara and it didn’t help us either. Finally, after searching the internet we found out that we actually docked in Shizuoka. Shimizu, as it turns out, is one of three wards in Shizuoka. Finding this out took more time and energy than it deserved, but now we, you and I, know the real skinny.

We started our rainy day at the Sengen-Jinja Shrine which is a collection of three shrines. Umbrellas were in order in the morning. Rain put a damper on the tour but we slogged on.

The shrine, as were most of them, was interesting and provided great photo opportunities starting with this shot of the ladles used in the purification ritual.

What follows are some shots of the buildings and the area. The artwork on the eves is quite lovely.

Saying a prayer is not reserved for the Japanese.

Then off to Sumpujo Castle and Park. Let’s start with a photo of a castle watch tower and moat.

And, here is the castle gate and a photo of one of the massive doors.

There is no castle as it stands in ruins. Only the gate and guard houses stand and they were reconstructed in 1989 and the 90’s. From the castle ruins we walked into and around the Momijiyama Garden. It was absolutely gorgeous.

I took a number of photos in the garden. It was one of my favorites of all the beautiful gardens that we visited. You be the judge. The photos are in the same sequence as we strolled around.

As we were making our way around the garden we happened upon this gardener lovingly trimming a pine tree by hand.

And the hands that work the magic that makes all the gardens great.

Let’s continue our walk.

And then we were on our way back to the bus park. On the way I took a couple of last shots of the area. I caught this fanciful statue set beside the castle moat.

And this pretty street scene.

Even the manhole covers were attractive.

Goodbye Shizuoka.

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