Sunny Cabo San Lucas, October 21, 2019

Sailing into Cabo is quite pleasant. The scenery is spectacular. Here is a selection of what we saw.

These are a couple of shots of the famous “Arch of Cabo San Lucas”.

Today, as in Santa Barbara, is a tender port. We were on the tender around 11:20. Heading into the harbor, we saw sea lions playing in the water and pelicans sunbathing on buoys. No photos as we were in the tender and my camera was stowed safely away.

The harbor is very attractive with numerous pleasure boats mixed in with the for hire fishing fleet.

JoAnn and I have been in Cabo a number of times and we were curious to see how it may have changed. Certainly the harbor area seems different; more activity, people selling tee shirts, . . .

and other curiosities and souvenirs.

Need a hat?

From the harbor we searched for Cabo Wabo Cafe, which we visited for the first time about 30 years ago. It’s a music venue associated with the rock group Van Halen.

I thought some of the wall art was interesting and colorful.

Here is a shot of Barbara, Jimmy, JoAnn and me as we enjoyed a cerveza.

On our way back JoAnn and I stopped by the local catholic church, the Parroquia San Lucas.

The interior was simple and lovely.

Decorations from the celebration of the feast day of St. Luke, October 18th, were still present lending an air of festivity.

On the way out, I took this photo of the church bell.

As we walked back to the ship I snapped a few more shots of the area. Enjoy!

It was interesting to see some of what appeared to be new construction.

As we approached the harbor we passed this hotel and the lighthouse.

One last glimpse of the harbor as we say, “goodbye Cabo.”


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