A Stroll Around the Interior of the Eurodam, October 24, 2019

Today is a day at sea. With time on my hands, I decided to stroll around the ship. The Eurodam is a lovely ship. It is reminiscent of ships of yore; classic in nature with dark wood highlights and a significant collection of nautical art.

Let’s start with a couple of photos of our cabin, 6118.

I decided to start on deck 3 at the entrance to the upper dining room.

Next is the photo shop.

And a pieces of artwork. This one is a jardiniere.

The Ocean Lounge and a sculpture of Poseidon.

Looking from Starboard to Port from the Ocean Lounge, one sees the sculpture which hangs above the atrium.

How about some artwork? Holland is famous for its Delft.

Lincoln Center is the venue for classic music.

Need a gift from the ship, then the gift shops are the place for you.

A little more nautical art.

I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air.

I enjoyed looking at the artwork on board; I only scratched the surface of what the Eurodam has to offer. Much can be found in the staircases, of which there are three, but I did not walk them. Enjoy!

The Gallery Bar is adjacent to the casino. In addition to the bar it also boasts a lovely sitting area that offers shuffle board. Have a look.

On deck 1 is the front deck and a warm seating area.

In the mood for a good steak or rack of lamb, then the Pinnacle Grill is the place to go.

This is a photo of the Pinnacle Bar. A place we frequented many nights.

Here are a few photos of the dinning room, lower level.

There is art for sale. I stopped to take a look and liked the photography.

Least you think all the art is classic, I offer the following for your enjoyment. I can only guess at what is being portrayed. Last figure on the right is obviously doing the Mexican Hat Dance.

So much for decks 1, 2 and 3 of the Eurodam. More to come.

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