EPILOGUE to Coastal California Cruise, October 2022

As I meandered through my photos last night I came across a few that didn’t make it into the blog but ones I like and think deserve to be seen if for no other reason than I like them. Here they are, taken as we sailed from San Francisco.

We really enjoyed our trip. Although the stop in Ensenada was mandatory and we, out of habit, got off. It wasn’t for us and before we knew it we were back on board. The best thing about the town was sailing away. But, as a result, I had more time on board to take the photos which were posted yesterday.

I hope you enjoyed our trip as much as we did. Soon, on Wednesday October 26 2022, we will be off to a night in Galveston and then boarding the Norwegian PR1MA (I didn’t misspell the name, the 1 replaces the I) for a four night cruise. We are making up for lost time. Look for my next blog posting then.

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