If this is THURSDAY, June 22nd, then this must be St. Peters Port

St. Peter’s Port was a delightful stop. After a short tender ride we found ourselves on the quay looking at a lovely small town in the heart of Guernsey, Channel Islands. The day was sunny and warm and the winding, climbing streets of this small village enchanting. Here are a couple of pictures for your enjoyment.

The harbor is equally attractive.

A view of the bay from the quay.

The first place we visited was the Parish Church. It was lovely and certainly attractive and interesting. We were greeted by a pleasant gentleman as we entered who told us some of the history of the church. I took a few shot’s which I am happy to share with you.

Here is a photo of JoAnn, speaking with the gentleman.

Flowers and hanging boxes were all around the town.

They even grew in the cracks of walls.

Victor Hugo lived in St. Peter Port from October 31, 1855 until he returned to France in 1870. We went in search of his home, up this street . . .

. . . but it was closed to the public as all tour tickets for the day had been sold. Here is a photo of the exterior. Apparently the building is owned by France and a French flag flies outside. Some work is being done on the property, as you can see by the scaffolding on the right, and therefore I didn’t get the flag in the photo.

This sculpture stands outside his home. I have no idea of its significance or relationship to the home, but thought it was interesting.

We took a tram ride around the center of the village. Here are some photos I took as we went.

We really enjoyed our visit to Saint Peters Port and would return if the opportunity arose. It’s truly a lovely village and worth a visit. As we were leaving, on the tender to return to the Journey, I snapped this one last shot.


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