Day 5, February 5th, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

We arrived in Tortola this morning where we docked at the Tortola Pier Park.  Weather is perfect.  Here is the view from our cabin.

Tortola from cabin 10026

We decided to take our time in the morning and have an early lunch out on the Terrace.

The Terrace

The view from the Terrace was just as nice as from our cabin.  Take a look:

View from the Terrace
View from the Terrace

After lunch, we strolled over to Pusser’s, a local bar and outfitter.

Pusser's Outfitters and Bar
Pusser’s Outfitters and Bar

Today being a Sunday almost everything is closed, even to cruise passengers;  But not Pusser’s.  There were a few people in the bar having lunch.    I took a couple of photos of the place.

Staircase in Pusser's
Staircase in Pusser’s
Porch, second floor Pusser's
Porch, second floor Pusser’s

After leaving Pussers we walked down Waterfront Drive for a mile or so.  Bumped into a hen and her chicks . . .


. . . but, as I said, everything was closed.

Waterfront Drive, Road Town Tortola
Waterfront Drive, Road Town Tortola

We returned to the ship after about 2 hours on shore.  Here is a picture of the stern of the Riviera:

Stern of Riviera
Stern of Riviera

We had a nice day in Tortola.  Today, February 5, 2017, is Super Bowl Sunday, Atlanta verses New England and we decided to have dinner in our room so we could watch the game.  We ordered dinner from Red Ginger and it was served course by course by our butler, Jithu.  As we sign off Atlanta is leading 28 to 3.  We’ll see how this plays out tomorrow in Antigua.


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