Day 6, February 6th, St. John’s, Antigua

Not far from Tortola is St. John’s, Antigua.  Once again, we were docked around 8am.  As I looked from our cabin window, I saw the Oceania Regatta backing into its slip.  Don’t ask, but I fell asleep last night with the Falcons ahead 28 to 3.  Imagine my surprise to learn that the Patriots won.  That makes my friend Jackie, from South Boston, very happy.

So, back to St. John’s; here is a view from our veranda when we arrived:

Docked in St. John's Antigua, view from veranda
Docked in St. John’s Antigua, view from veranda

Following a light breakfast at Waves Grill, we disembarked to walk around the port area of St. John’s.  The weather was warm with occasional light, misty showers.  The town appears busy, traffic going every which way, but not terribly prosperous.  Pink and green dominate the colors on the houses.  Lots of little venders, here and there, apparently catering to tourists.  And, stores which sell to the residents, hardware stores, clothing stores, and those stores needed for everyday living.  Clearly, St. John’s is a town where people live and work.  Here are a few of the photos I took during our walk.

Venders, St. John's Antigua
Venders, St. John’s Antigua

A walk down Temple Street revealed these colorful buildings and plenty of activity:


Temple Street, St. John’s, Antigua


Hardware store, St. John's, Antigua
Hardware store, St. John’s, Antigua

One of our favorite stores in St. John’s is Goldsmitty.  We visit it every time we stop in Antigua; been coming here for years.  The owner is European, maybe Dutch or German, and his jewelry is lovely.  Although we weren’t shopping we wanted to stop in and visit an old friend.

Goldsmitty jewelry store, St. John’s, Antigua

Some additional pictures of St. John’s:

Local residence
Local residence
View up St. Mary's Street from the Riviera
View up St. Mary’s Street from the Riviera
Preparing for a funeral?
Preparing for a funeral?
A visit to an attorney
A visit to a local attorney

Back on board for lunch on the windy, windy terrace, with an occasional blustery shower.  Took one or two photos when the opportunity presented itself.  Take a look:

House with a roof lawn
House with a roof lawn
No longer in service
No longer in service

After a 5:30pm piano concert, the classical pianist was excellent, we had dinner in Jacques, tre magnifique.  Foie gras for both of us as appetizers.  JoAnn had lobster thermidor as her main course and I had pork loin.  And, the wine flowed, Savignon Blanc and Pinot Noir for JoAnn and Chardonnay and Chianti for me followed by a Port with desert for moi.

Jacques Restaurant
Jacques Restaurant

An after dinner magic show with our assistant cruise director was very entertaining.  Then off to our cabin for the night.  Tomorrow, Barbados.

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