Day 10, February 10th, Homeward Bound on Board the Riviera

Our island visits are at an end.  Now, we are heading northwesterly to Miami.  The weather is pleasant and the ocean is a striking cobalt blue.  Since leaving St. Barth, the return trip has been smooth and comfortable.

We left the cabin around 10:30 and headed for omelets at Waves Grill.  The food and service at Waves has been excellent.  From there we moved to the outside area at the Terrace, where we were camping out for a couple of hours; reading, writing and wine were the order of the moment.  We were just relaxing and enjoying the day.

What follows is a photo of our Sommelier for the afternoon:

Sommilier on Riviera
Sommilier on Riviera

My goal today was to take photos of the art on the Riviera.  The ship has a wonderful collection of artwork which is colorful and diverse.  I took many photos; walking up and down the stairs and around each deck to create a portfolio for this blog.  What follows, in no particular order, is a sampling for your visual pleasure (click on any photo to enlarge it and then proceed through the gallery if you wish):

Here is another selection of artwork photos:

My tour ultimately ended at cabin 10026 where I changed for drinks in the Horizon Lounge and dinner at Polo.  Tonight there was a Latin duo performing for our listening pleasure.  Apparently JoAnn and I put on our dancing shoes because when the couple began a Foxtrot I invited JoAnn to dance and she accepted.  The Foxtrot is absolutely our favorite dance; it’s a wonderful step, not unlike a Rhumba, and that’s where my trouble began.

We were in rhythm with the music, moving romantically around the floor.  I was masterful and my lead was strong.  We were beauty in motion right up to the time that, following a brain freeze, I started dancing the Rhumba.  Shoulda told JoAnn about my plan, but no, I kept it a secret.  Even when she said “that’s not the right step for this dance,” I said of course it is and, just to demonstrate I was right, I did it again.

Dinner at Polo was very nice.  We had a nice table, nice enough that I didn’t need to ask to reset it.  Food and service was, once again, excellent.  I had a New York strip which was probably the best steak I ever had at sea.  JoAnn had a shrimp cocktail with three enormous shrimp; the shrimp were so large they could have masqueraded as three lobster tails on another cruise line.  Her entree was surf and turf which she thoroughly enjoyed.  Then it was back to the cabin for the evening.

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