Day 11, February 11th, On the Way to Miami

Another delightful day at sea, warm and sunny.  Many people cruise to see new and exciting places and others to spend time at sea.  For us it’s a combination.  In the winter we want to get away from the cold so, generally, we travel in the Caribbean.  We’ve done it many times.  We are not beach people, and if you don’t go to the beach there is not much to do on most of the islands.  That’s okay; we stroll around, take a couple of pictures, maybe get lunch in a little cafe, and soak up the sun.

Some winters, however, we venture far away and often south of the equator.  A trip to Australia and New Zealand, for instance, is a great winter get-away.  Our winter is their summer.  How ’bout a trip to Shanghai, Hong Kong and the Asian-Pacific Islands of Indonesia and the Philippines?  Just right for a great travel holiday.  Our next trip, on the Viking Ocean Star, is this June to England, Scotland and Norway.  We will be at the top of the world on one of the longest days of the year.

Today, once again, we started at Waves Grill then moved on to the Terrace for some reading, writing and lunch.  Our wine steward was Johnny-on-the-spot.  I experimented with a photo of my wine glass.  Here is the result:

White wine on the Terrace
White wine on the Terrace

Following lunch I set out, to complete my tour of the Riviera’s artwork.  Here are a couple of additional galleries for your pleasure:

And another gallery:

While we are on the subject, you may recall that I went to art class to create a painting on glass.  Here is a picture of me and some of my fellow students with our masterpieces.

Proud painters

Can you figure out which plate is mine.  If you have been reading this blog and looking at the photos you should be able to tell.


Let me help,

My work of art

As the day wound down, we realized our Caribbean Hideaway Cruise was rapidly coming to an end.  That nemesis “packing”. . .

Our luggage awaiting pickup

. . . was lurking behind our cabin door, waiting to bring us to the realization that home was just on the other side of the terminal, just beyond customs control and a short flight from Miami.

Sundown in the Atlantic, February 11, 2017
Sundown in the Atlantic, February 11, 2017

Good night JoAnn.  It’s been a great trip.

I hope you enjoyed this blog; if you did then follow us on our next trip to England, Scotland and the Norwegian Fjords.




  1. Gail Kessler

    Great Job! If this lawyer thing doesn’t work out you will have something to fall back on! LOL
    Good job on the plate. Another thing to fall back on!

  2. Elizabeth Reich

    Thank you for the great trip report. We will be on the Rivera March 6th on the same itinerary. You make us even more anxious for our cruise! We will look forward to your next report!

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