Day 9, At Sea, June 23, 2017

A sea day, something we always enjoy.  We are on our way to the Leknes on Lofoten Island, Norway.  Sea days are easy going and relaxing and most of the day we just lolled around.  Wine, on the Aquavit Cafe, is a pleasant diversion


and our server Thandeka is another excellent representative of an outstanding crew.

At 5pm we crossed the Artic Circle.  Then the ship came alive in anticipation of the crossing ceremony.  Tradition is a great thing, it ties the generations together, and in this instance the tradition associated with crossing the Artic Circle ties our Captain, Captain Rune Lokling, to those who came before him.  The ceremony begins when the Captain kisses a large salmon . . .

. . . and continues with a burst of pure ecstasy.


This was followed, as tradition demands, by the newest member of the crew staff taking one for the passengers.


Then all who wanted to be members of the society of those who crossed the Artic Circle submitted to the Artic Ice Initiation.  Here I am getting iced and afterward with my blue nose, a badge of honor and insignia of membership.



Dinner tonight was in Manfred’s followed by a cabaret show, with a Parisian theme featuring three talented women vocalists.  The music selections were lovely as were the voices of the performers.  Here is a photo, taken with my iPad, which does not do them justice.


The cabaret show was followed by a Beatles tribute, entitled The Long and Winding Road, followed by Dancing Under the Midnight Sun.  The show, held at the pool, was packed and the vocalists had the audience dancing and throughly enjoying themselves.


Another, as it turned out, busy day at sea.  Tomorrow Leknes, Lofoten Island.

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