Day 10, Leknes, Lofoten Island, Norway, June 24, 2017

Leknes is our first stop in Norway.  There are numerous scenic features to this small community.  Here are a couple of shots as we sailed in.


We were off the ship early; I was looking forward to giving my camera a workout, and I was not disappointed.  Our first stop was Ballstad, a little fishing village.  Here are a few shots of the area.  Remember, you can “click” on any photo to see it full size:


We passed maybe the only fisherman’s work area with “stock fish,” cod that is caught, cleaned and hung out for 3 months to dry.  We passed his place in the bus and as we worked our way back to his area I took these shots:


We made our way to Berge Iversen’s business.  He still had stock fish drying.

From Iversen’s we got back on the bus and drove to Haukland Beach, one of two we were to visit.  Here are some of the photos of this popular place.

I found one scene at this location particularly striking because of the subject matter on the small building.  Apparently the property is owned by an artist and the picture is of her children.


We then drove through a tunnel to visit Uttakleiv Beach, another popular location and a beach that was entirely different than Haukland.  Haukland had a wide, white sand beach and this one, although possessing white sand was encased by mountains and green grass.  Two sides of the same mountain but totally different.

The best, however (in my opinion), was yet to come.  We wanted to see the sun shining at midnight.  As we sailed through the fjords of Norway, on our way to Honningsvag, we captured some unforgettable moments as the sun shone brightly from our west.

Then, although the sun was still bright in the sky, we retired to prepare for a day at the North Cape.


  1. Barbara Hurley

    More beautiful pictures. I would be hard pressed to try to pick my favorite place you have visited. They all look so wonderful. Keep on enjoying!

  2. goingawayagain

    Such a beautiful places, and you take great photos! Thanks for sharing your blog. I’ve bookmarked it so I can look at more photos of other places to help choose my next cruise!

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