Day 11, North Cape, June 25, 2017

June 25th in Honningsvag,  the port where we docked for our excursion to the North Cape; nasty, windy, rainy and cold.  We boarded our bus for the hour long ride to the North Cape dressed in warm clothing, and boy, did we need it.  The Cape is said to be the most northerly place on the European continent, although we were told that a small island not to far from the cape is apparently 4000 feet further north.  But since it is a small island perhaps that does not count.

The gale-like wind at Nord Kapp made standing difficult.  Everyone was dressed in winter clothing and expecting the worst.  The rain blew sideways and taking photos was extremely challenging.  Not my best work.


It was difficult composing the photos.  I could not find a spot where I could get a good

perspective.  The cliffs are absolutely sheer and nothing I did could produce a satisfactory shoot.  Then the wind, rain and haze just added to my misery.

Back at the port we ran into this fellow.  He beckened and we could not pass up a photo with a folk hero.


And yet another one:


On sailing we got what I think are some interesting shots.  Some are in color and some in black and white.  Difference is subtle.  Let me know what you think.  Remember, click on any photo to enlarge it.

We enjoyed ourselves at the tip of the European Continent.  Hope you found the photos interesting.  And now, on to Tromso.


  1. Kathleen Naughton

    Love the cute little guy you met Sounds like you’re having a special time. Thanx 4 sharing!

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  2. Cliff Kern

    I think it would have been hard to capture the “power” of Nordkapp even in great weather! Somehow the blustery weather seemed appropriate for that place! Now if I can just get the rain spots off my photos 🙂 It was great meeting you.

    1. travelswithcappy

      You are right on target about Nordkapp. It was cold, blustery and powerful. Takes a photographer with great skill to capture of dynamic it is. Also, I am sending my telephoto lens for a cleaning.

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