Halifax, October 3, 2017

I know it is repetitious but we arrived in Halifax to find another lovely day.  So far our weather, with the exception of Boston, has been outstanding.  We preplanned our day and started with a stroll along the board walk along the harbor.  The board walk is a collection of museums, restaurants, gift shops and arcades.  The harbor area is very nice and everytime we come to Halifax the stroll gets better and better; better than the time before.  Here are a few shots along the way.  The photos are in no particular order and no offense is intended if any of you are Halifax affectionados.

And, a few more as we continued our walk.  We were on the way to the Casino of Nova Scotia.

Turns out that everyone but me loves the casino.  I enjoy taking photos of cities and destinations and people.  I do it for my pleasure and for those who enjoy traveling vicariously with me.  That said, here are a couple more.

As we neared the casino we came upon these murals.  The murals are a changing display as described in the included information.

A few more shots as we walked back along the board walk.

The NovaScotian Crystal company makes items replicating crystal and designs on the Titanic.  Here is a glass blower at work and an informational panel in the showroom.

We were heading for the Garrison Brewery Company to get a little taste of Nova Scotia.  As luck would have it the Garrison Brewery was just across from the gangway back to the Anthem.

As we entered the market at the pier I was reminded in silk that it’s autumn and time for the leaves to change colors and fall.


And, last but not least, a few shots as we prepared to sail.

Good night Halifax!


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