St. Lucia, January 26, 2018

We docked in Castries, St. Lucia, to threatening skies with nothing concrete planned for the day.

Downtown Casteries, as we approached the main port in St. Lucia.  Cloudy and threatening.

This is the last day we are meeting Barbara and Jimmy.  As it turned out, the Grandeur docked across the harbor from us at the main port in downtown Castries.

Grandeur of the Seas

We were docked at the little shopping area known as Pointe Seraphine.  We agreed to meet at 10:30am on our side of the harbor.  They were to take the ferry over.  The weather was turning; heavy rain was starting (a real downpour), and we tried to push our meeting time back to 11am but, by the time we could reach them, they were already on the boat heading in our direction.  Umbrellas, rain gear and hats were the order of the moment; the weather, after all, is changeable in the Caribbean.  Changeable though it may be, it didn’t.  Unfortunately, I can’t take a picture of rain but I tried.  Here’s the best I could do.

Pointe Seraphine in the rain

Interesting isn’t it that no one is in the photo; that’s because everyone headed for shelter from the rain.  We were fortunate to find a table at a little cafe, Ti Cafe, where there was a table under the canopy that protected us from the deluge.


After six rounds of Piton, a local beer, we were feeling no pain.  We spent our entire time together under that canopy.  While there we met an interesting fellow, Marcus Leon, who wanted to sell, or at least rent, us a property on St. Lucia.  Here’s a picture of Marcus and his associate.


Marcus is a nice guy with whom it was fun to spend a couple of minutes.

Well, for the most part, the rain never really stopped and a couple of hours after we met with Jimmy and Barbara they decided to return to the Grandeur and we to the Eclipse.  We walked with them to the ferry dock where we asked someone to take a photo of the four of us.  Here is the result.


Then they were on the ferry and I took this photo of them as they sailed away.


Back on the ship and, guess what, the sun came out in all its blazing glory.  Well, as I said, the weather is changeble in the Caribbean.

I took a number of pictures as we were sailing.  Here are some of them.  Click on them to enlarge them and start a slide show.

St. Lucia is famous for the Two Pitons.  They are two mountainous, volcanic spires, located near the town of Soufriere.  My shot of them is not very good but at least I could get it from the Eclipse as we sailed.

Two Pitons in the distance

And, I saved these for last.  The first I think of as “White Clouds on the Horizon”

White clouds on the Horizon

and the second as “Storm Clouds Now.”

Storm Clouds Now

See you in Barbados tomorrow!

One Comment

  1. Gail Kessler

    Too bad about the weather in St. Lucia. For a second it looked like Carl had someone on his back the way the picture was taken with someone’s leg in the background. Funny.


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