Epilogue on disembarkation, February 4, 2018

Our 14 day cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse was a terrific experience.  The ship is lovely and the staff is very nice.  Food throughout the vessel met our expectations.  We expect quality and accept nothing less.  That said however, we realize that booking a cruise on a ship that holds in excess of 2,800 passengers is not the same as booking a cruise on a small, luxury ship.  A person should understand and appreciate the situation.  I say this in an effort to place my comments in perspective.

We were very satisfied with the quality of product provided by the Eclipse.  It met or exceeded our expectations.  I especially want to commend Captain Leonardos Palaiokrassas who was always visible and who always had time for his passengers.  He seems to have the respect of his crew and officers alike.  His senior offices were also very visible.  I would not hesitate to sail with him again and hope that I have that opportunity.

We started our trip with lunch in Sushi on 5 and we ended with dinner (our third of the trip) at Sushi on 5.  The restaurant served some of the best sushi I have had and I wanted to end my blog with this photo of some of the wonderful staff.

From the left, Gilmore, Frederick, David (Maitre D) and Prada

I hope you have found my blog about our trip to the Southern Caribbean interesting and entertaining.  If you did then you may want to follow us in May 2018 when we travel to Venice, Italy and travel from there on the Dalmatian Coast.



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