Artwork on the Eclipse, February 2 & 3, 2018

On our days at sea, following our last stop in Aruba, I walked the ship taking some photos of the artwork.  The main staircase is where most of the work is exhibited.  It is an interesting collection, primarily photographs and paintings.  Some mixed media as well and occasionally a glass piece or two.

Each observer sees things differently; where one person sees beauty another sees an item that just does not resonate.  That said, I am somewhat conflicted in the work on board.  Some I really like but other pieces leave me cold.  What follows is, I hope and intend, to be a representative sampling, and for the most part pieces that, as I select them, I like.

I apologize for the quality of my photos but the lighting on board and the glass protecting the work made my job somewhat difficult.  In some instances the ambient lighting may have caused a tint to the photos.  This is unfortunate but does not destroy the work.

You be the judge and let me know what you think.  Remember, if you click on a photo it will open and, with a grouping, start a slide show.  Enjoy.

But my first photo, along with its description, is of the Godmother of the Eclipse and I think her photo and story deserves to be displayed first.  Sorry about the reflection but its the best I could do.




And now, the artwork.  I’ll start with one I enjoyed each and every time I walked up or down the stairs.


Here’s some more.

This piece is certainly one of my favorites and dominates the atrium.


Although not a picture hanging on a wall or a sculpture on display, I thought these butterfly shoes, being worn by Danielle, one of the port shopping lecturers, constituted an interesting piece of art.


And some more from around the Eclipse.

I enjoyed this photo of a modern tea ceremony.


I consider the wall a piece of art in the picture with the chair.

I winked at this every time I passed it.


The more I look at the “White Rose” the more I like it.  The flower is composed of various insects.  It is interesting as you look at the picture to see the insects and the manner in which they appear to be on the move.


A little bit of sculpture mixed in.

And this photograph of a girl in repose ends our tour.



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