If this is Tuesday it must be Costa Maya, January 29, 2019

tFor the first time I can say that the weather is beautiful.  We arrived in Costa Maya to glorious sun, blue skies and warm.  This is why we come to the Caribbean in the winter.


On the pier, playing for the passengers of the Equinox, and the other ships as well, and visible from our balcony, was a Mirachi band.


We are docked next to the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas and the Costa Deliziosa.


After our morning coffee ritual, we applied sunscreen, grabbed out hats and were on our way to visit this charming little port.


Costa Maya is primarily a shopping and lounging area created for the cruise line industry.  It is quite attractive and we’ll done.  Its 70,000 square foot entertainment and shopping area was overwhelmed.  Unfortunately, it couldn’t handle the more that 10,000 passengers that were all disembarking at once.



We were here a number of years ago, as it was developing.  We notice a quantum change, all for the better.  Here is a diagram of the area.


There are some very nice shops to include, of course, the mandatory Diamonds Internatuional.  One shop we found very nice was Corso, which specializes in handcrafted jewelry.


If you desire a taco or two, this is the place.



Here are a couple of other photos of Costa Maya.




Our visit while short was pleasant.  It was just too crowded for our taste.  So we decided to return to the Equinox.  On our way I took this photograph of the turquoise blue water.  It is unbelievably clear and beautiful.  Look for the fish.



  1. Barbara

    I liked the look of this island and all of your pictures. Neither Jim nor I remember ever being there before so this is a port we will look forward to visiting. Continued fun!


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