Cozumel, January 30, 2019

Sunny, really sunny, and windy and warm in Cozumel.  Today, the weather could not be better; especially when we hear about the freezing temperatures at home.  What a great time to be away.  We are docked next to the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas; she is gargantuan.


We are moored at the Cozumel International Pier which is three  miles from downtown.


Cozumel has certainly changed quite a bit from the last time we were here.  The International pier area is substantially built up with numerous shops and venders.  There is even a Margaritaville.

We decided to take a taxi downtown, into San Miguel, the only city on the island, to see how it has changed if at all.  We left the ship a little after 10 am, it docked at 7, and there was still a long line for taxis.  I took this photo after we had been in line about 10 minutes and after we snaked around quite a bit.  It goes further forward and then again doubles back on itself.

The official drop off is in front of Diamonds International.  How convenient!  The main drag, Avenue General Rafael E. Melgar, is a collection of small, and not so small, shops with a restaurant or two thrown in.


In front of almost every shop there is a hawker trying to lure you in.  “Hello, where are you from?  Are you on a ship?  Which one?”  And so it goes.  If you stop to talk to them they have you hooked, all they have to do now is reel you in.

I took this shot in one of the local souvenir shops.  You don’t even need to be alive to get a driver’s license.


The beach, at least in San Miguel, is not for sun bathing or swimming.


The waterfront has some interesting sculptures spotted here and there.





One shop we frequented on prior visits is Cinco Soles.  It is a nice shop with interesting local merchandise.  No hawkers and no one to pester you or follow you around.


On our way back we came across this broken, hulk of a ship.


Taxis are not the only mode of transportation on the island.  Some people prefer a more laidback way of getting around.


Our next stop was the Equinox for lunch in the Oceanview Bar on the stern of deck 14.  As I stand at the rail looking at the horizon I can see Playa del Carmen.  You may have to squint to see the buildings on the horizon.


Waiting for sailing, I took this photo of people streaming back to their ship.


And, before we knew it Captain Kate was sounding the horn and we were underway for Grand Cayman.

We showered and changed for cocktails and dinner.  First we stopped in the Martini Bar. It’s not busy in this picture but it’s hopping in the evening.


From there it was on to the theater where we were treated to a wonderful show starring Jayne Curry, an English songstress and comedian.  We’ve seen her twice and each show was really great.  She is doing one more show before going on a maternity break.  If you have the opportunity to see her don’t hesitate; she is really entertaining.


After the show we went to dinner in Murano.  It is a good restaurant; very attractive, and worth the money.  JoAnn had lobster and I had Dover sole.  Both were very good.  Our server, Angelo, was excellent and very professional.  Here is a shot of Murano taken as we sat at our table for two next to the window.


Good night Equinox.

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