Above the clouds

We were airborne at 7:14pm.  Every seat on our plane, a 747, was occupied.  It was drizzling and the tarmac was wet.  A storm front passed through around 5pm and thunder storms were predicted.  Broken, scattered clouds were overhead and the sun was dropping in the west as we accelerated down the runway.  I am always amazed at the power possessed by these planes.  And, before I knew it we were flying.  

We took off to the south and as we gained altitude we gradually turned to the east and then to the north.  That’s when the fun, or should I say turbulence, began.  The plane, as it rushed upward, began to bounce all over the sky as we climbed through, over and above the storm clouds.  The sky was beautiful; grey and white, blue and golden.

Then, in a matter of moments the sun was gone and the sky turned black.

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