Philadelphia Airport, April 9, 2019, in route to Tokyo

It’s finally here, Tuesday, April 9, 2019. We are flying from Philadelphia to Tokyo, via London Heathrow, for 17 days in Japan. Cross this one off my bucket list; not that I believe in such things. I believe in travel!

We booked this trip in March 2018. I have always been fascinated by Asia, especially Japan. I can’t say exactly why but it just holds an allure for me. I am charmed by the art, entranced by the delicate nature of Geishas and the strength of Samurais and the thought of being there at cherry blossom time is exciting.

Right now we are sitting in a lounge in the Terminal A of the Philadelphia International Airport. Right now activity in the terminal is modest but will pick up as evening approaches. Here is a view looking down Terminal A.

It will be a madhouse soon as the time for overseas departures approach. In an hour and a half it will be wall to wall people all fighting to embark on an adventure.

Our flight, BA 0066, is scheduled to depart at 6:45pm. Our route takes us through London where tomorrow, mid-morning, we board our next flight to Tokyo. Eleven hours and thirty minutes in the air, after six and a half from Philadelphia, is little enough to see this entrancing county. It’s the return trips, from Tokyo to Shanghai to London to Philadelphia that’s the killer.

Seventeen days on tour and five in the air. We are staying three days in Tokyo at the Tokyo Station Hotel and have booked a private guide to introduce us to the city. Then, on day four, we embark the Azamara Quest for a thirteen night cruise. I expect, starting tonight, that our biological clocks are going to be all maladjusted. Oh well, it will be worth it.

More tomorrow from Heathrow.

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  1. Vincent Hurley

    Can you imagine ‘metal ‘ Jimmy going thru security at HEATHROW AIRPORT?? They would be put thru a special training session 😮😮😂😂🇯🇵🤪🤪😂🤪🤪

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