Heading back, a day at sea, February 1, 2019

It’s Friday, February 1st and we are on our way back to Miami; a sea day.  The weather is certainly cooperating as it is sunny and warm.  Sitting in a lounge chair and looking at the sea roll by is mesmerizing.


Unfortunately, we have to pack this afternoon, a task we don’t look forward to.  In the meantime, we will make the best of this wonderful day.  To begin, we strolled around the Equinox to take another look at this lovely ship.  Here are a few shots of areas not already identified in prior posts.

Lets start with a photo of stateroom 9246, our cabin.


We generally turn left upon leaving our cabin, toward the mid-ship elevators.  That path takes us past the card room, which is immediately adjacent to the elevators.  I can’t remember passing through this room when it was empty; always someone playing cards or working on a puzzle.


From deck 14, looking toward the stern and past the elevators, I can see pool area and the library.


As with all Celebrity ships, the main staircase is quite nice.  The main steps extend from the 4th deck to the 3rd.


Deck 3, in front of  the staircase, is where passengers can dance at night to a live group of musicians.


I was not impressed with the art on board although there were a couple of pieces I liked.  This sculpture is at the end of deck 5, after passing through the Ensemble Bar, on the way to the Tuscan Grill.  The first view is as I approached.


And this view is the same sculpture from the rear.  I believe this view reflects the screen behind it but I like the result.  It puts me in mind of something Picasso might have created.


As I made my way down the staircase one can glimpse the center piece of living art.  This live tree is suspended above the atrium and outside of the elevators.


On deck 5 is an exterior promenade which I took from time-to-time to get outside for just a moment.


We were on our way to an afternoon show, an add on by Jayne Curry, who is absolutely terrific.  She has worked exclusively for Celebrity for many years, traveling from port to port and ship to ship.  She is taking a “leave of absence” in order to have a baby.  She should be back in about a year to a year and a half.  Catch her performance if you can.


As you can see, the audience was in love with her as she had them dancing in the aisles.


No cruise is complete without a visit to the art gallery.


It is outside of the World Class Bar, which serves high end Scotch and other expensive whiskeys.


I also liked this sculpture which greets you as enter the Sky Lounge.


We actually did something today besides walking around taking photos.  Celebrity hosts Hollywood Hot Glass on deck 15, just off the Lawn Club and its live lawn that grows on board.


According to the daily schedule, Hollywood was hosting create your own glass artwork throughout the day.  JoAnn suggested I give it a try.  I had a choice of objects that I could make from a vase to a flower to a Christmas ornament.  I decided to make a starfish in view of the fact we are on a cruise.  JoAnn took photos as my project progressed.  In the first Mandy is telling me not to stick my hands, or any other part of the body, in the oven which holds molten glass at at temperatures over 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit.  Good advice!


In this photo we are developing the center of what is soon to become my treasure.


Here we are shaping the glass glob into a ball.


In this photo we are pulling the “arms” of the starfish.


And here is the end product.


We took in another 7pm show, a comedian by the name of Miguel Washington.  We thought he was very funny.  After the show we had dinner at Sushi on 5 ending where we started 7 nights ago.  They do a great job and although the menu is not very large the offerings are very good.


From dinner it was off to close and lock our bags until next time.

Good night Equinox.


  1. Sharon Quintavalle

    Safe travels home. I enjoyed following your trip!! You take great pics with just enough info to explain. Glad you missed this frigid weather!! Sharon.

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  2. Skip Coleman

    I big Thank You for all your efforts bringing the Equinox cruise into focus for us. This will be our 1st time on a Celebrity ship June 1st after the Equinox revolution. Your detailed coverage just amped up my excitement level to another plateau.

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