“No More Hiroshimas”

The Peace Museum speaks for itself. With that in mind, I present a glimpse of the past. Let the photos (and photos of photos) do the speaking.



Inside the museum.

We were even allowed to touch a piece of history. Here I am touching a tile that was deformed in the bombing.

Then we visited the artifact collection. This photo is of a school uniform that was put together from the clothes of three students, all of whom died.

This tricycle speaks for itself.

Here is a photo of Shinichi and his sister.

Sadako and paper cranes.

Sadako, on the left, and her roommate.

And then we were outside in the glorious sunlight after having endured a throughly moving experience.

Lest we forget, the decision that was Hiroshima was not made lightly and, although thousands died, it brought World War II to an end.

You be the judge!

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