A Visit to Ritsurin Garden, Takamatsu, April 23, 2019

Ritsurin Garden, located in Takamatsu, is a renown, three star Michelin Green Guide Japan, place of beauty; having been designated in 1953 a “Special Place of Scenic Beauty.” It is a strolling-style daimyo (feudal lord) garden with over 1,400 pine trees, built in the Edo Period with six ponds and thirteen landscaped hills; all strategically placed in front of the vista of Mt. Shiun.

Rather than attempt to narrate (with one exception) your visit I will allow you to “stroll” through the garden at leisure, in the same direction as we went on April 23rd. Some of the photos are displayed individually while others are in “gallery,” slideshow fashion. Just click on any picture in the gallery to start the show.

Let me know how you enjoyed your trip through the Ritsurin Garden. Let’s start with a map and go from there.

The next tree, considered the most precious tree in the garden, is in the shape of a fluttering crane standing on the back of a turtle.

I hope you enjoyed your stroll and that my presentation was not too overdone. As I “revisit” our day in the Ritsurin Garden I realize just how outstanding it is. I am glad we had the opportunity to see it.

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