On the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, July 1, 2019

We spent a couple of hours in Atlantic City, visiting the new Hard Rock Casino and having lunch at Margaritaville in Resorts with our friend John from Boston.

Menu Margaritavlle

As we sat in the shade of our table’s umbrella, I snapped this shot.

View looking south from table at Margaritaville

After lunch, while John and JoAnn made an investment or two at Hard Rock

Hard Rock Casino floor

and Resorts, I decided to take a 50 minute stroll on the famous Boardwalk. Before leaving Resorts I couldn’t resist this shot of people walking on the ceiling.

The day was absolutely gorgeous; slight breeze blowing and beautiful blue skies. Here is a photo looking in a southerly direction back toward the Hard Rock Casino with ShowBoat Hotel and the Ocean Casino in the distance.

Looking southerly

A fond memory was rekindled when I came across this wicker rolling chair.

My family used to visit Atlantic City when I was young and back then the Boardwalk was clogged with rolling chairs pushing ladies with big hats and fur wraps to keep them warm. Today, the chairs have been pushed aside by trams. So much for nostalgia.

For such a beautiful day the beach wasn’t very crowded and depending on where you chose to plant your chair and umbrella there was plenty of room. Take a look.

Looking for a seat while waiting for a friend? Here are a couple of benches; take your choice.

Dunes and seagrass. If we want, we can make everything but nature disappear.

Here are some shots as I walked the boards, took in the sights and watched the people.

Two modes of transportation
Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Reminiscing, I recall those hot, summer evenings when my parents and I would walk the boards. The place was alive with activity up and down the promenade. People moving in all directions nibbling on peanuts and popcorn and cotton candy, looking for a ride or game or just watching the rest of us. I was always intrigued by the lights and noise coming from the auction houses but we never went in. Here is a photo of one of today’s auctions.

T’shirts are big business. It’s one thing to display one’s school mascot or favorite brand on your chest but I’m not sure we need to tell the world what we really think.

Break a balloon and win a prize.

Then, I was on the way back to retrieve John and JoAnn and my moments on the Boardwalk were history.

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