Going to Bermuda on the Anthem of the Seas, July 27, 2019

Another relaxing day at sea. For us there’s not much that can top sitting on a comfortable chair at the stern of the ship, in the shade, watching the ocean glide by as the warm sea breeze cools us. What more can I say.

We boarded the Anthem of the Seas yesterday at Cape Liberty in Bayonne, New Jersey. The port is about an hour and a half ride from home. It was a pleasant, sunny day replacing the stormy weather of last week. We booked this trip a couple of months ago as a five day get away, breaking up the sultry summer season.

If you are interested, here is a photo of our cabin on deck 12. We opted for an inside with a virtual balcony. It’s a view of the world as seen by ship’s cameras. It’s like being outside but you’re not; its a poor man’s balcony. It’s a great concept and we really like the room. We each have our own closet and, thanks to the square layout, we’re not bumping into each other.

As we sailed from Cape Liberty we passed the Statue of Liberty, something my father viewed as a youngster as he immigrated to America shortly after World War I. To him, and to me today, it always stood for something precious. It may not be my best photo, it’s certainly hazy, but here it is with downtown Manhattan and the new World Trade Center building in the background.

We’ve sailed on the Anthem before. It’s a nice ship with lots of activities; it’s noisy and brassy with something for almost everyone. Today at 2 pm for example there is the “world’s sexist Man Competition,” or “General Trivia,” or a “Diamonds and Gemstones Seminar,” in case you’re a buyer or investor. Or, to continue, you can go to a blackjack tournament or a wellness presentation about walking in comfort or watch a teen basketball game, and the list goes an and on. And those are just the activities at 2 o’clock. For us, sitting and watching the ocean go by should be an organized activity as well.

By now, however, you know that my very favorite activity is photography. With that in mind I decided to try something different today. Having previously walked and photographed this ship, I am going to take all my photographs from this point on with my telephoto lenses and see how that changes perspectives. I am concentrating on the art on board. Much of it is in the staircases. Let’s have a look.

Let’s start in the Windjammer Cafe. Not a piece of art but it could have been an Andy Warhol painting; a vegetable salad just waiting to be grabbed with a pair of red tongs.

A1 anyone? Another Warhol?

Passing through the children’s area at the pool, I found this giant caterpillar.

Okay, lets get to the staircases.

As we passed by Izumi, the Japanese restaurant, I snapped this photo of a Geisha on the wall. And the food is really good to go along with the photo.

Even the table is a “work of art.”

Here is a photo of the digital screen at the Bionic Bar.

Some more art from around the ship. All leading up to my two favorite pieces.

Now, my second favorite piece of art on the Anthem. A sculpture of two acrobatics. Here are a couple of shots, all with the telephoto lens.

And now, my favorite piece of art. It’s a tuba or is it? It’s reflective, it’s creative and its my favorite.

Let’s end with a couple of photos, not of art but of kinda interesting “things.”

Let’s say “good night” as we pass through the doors to Silk and make our way back to our cabin.


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