Bermuda, St. George & Hamilton, July 29, 2019

Monday, July 29th found us moored at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda. We could see off our virtual balcony that the sun was high in the sky with white, billowy clouds floating overhead. A perfect start for our visit.

Bermuda is comprised of 138 islands, 22 miles in length from the Dockyards to St. George with the eight main islands connected by bridges and causeways. And everywhere one looks you are treated to the pastel colors of the islands with an abundance of pinks and blues.

We decided to start with a ferry ride to St. George. It takes about 30 minutes and is a great way to get there. There are many photo opportunities along the way. Here are a couple of pictures taken as we sailed along.

And, as we were arriving I caught this photo of a boat running ahead of the clouds.

St. George is a pleasant village with many shops and an active town square. We were just in time to see the town gossip get disciplined for nagging her husband. Seemed to me she was just standing up for women’s rights and got a dip in the bay for being outspoken. Take a look.

She survived, still espousing the fact that she wasn’t nagging her husband, she was just reminding him of things.

St. George is very walkable and we enjoyed strolling around the little town. Here are a couple of shots of the town.

We stopped at St. Peter’s church to visit the graveyard. It’s where free blacks, black slaves, native Americans and Carib Indian slaves are buried. It’s a lovely, serene place.

After our visit to St. Peter’s we were off to find a bus to Hamilton. It’s about a thirty minute ride that delivers passengers to the bus terminal in the downtown. We planned to walk around, visit some old haunts (we’ve been here many times) and stop by Huckleberry Restaurant to see about our dinner reservation. We had plans to dine there and wanted to be sure we were dressed appropriately.

The restaurant is across Pitts Bay Road from the Hamilton Princess, a place we stayed at in the past and a lovely facility. We reserved a table for two on the porch for 6:15 pm so that we would have enough time for dinner and a leisurely stroll to the ferry pier for our return to the ship. Here is a photo of the staircase in Huckleberry. It’s a beauty.

After confirming our plans we set off to walk down along the harbor. We passed this moon gate; it’s tradition that honeymooners kiss under the gate to ensure a happy marriage.

The harbor area is truly spectacular.

The hour was fast approaching 4:30 pm and we had plans to stop by the Princess for a pre-dinner cocktail. In the distance, however, we could see a storm on the horizon and we were a long way from the restaurant but not far from the ferry. We needed to make an immediate decision whether to run to the ferry or take a chance on dinner. The ferry won out and we just made it before the sky turned black and torrential rain, accompanied by fierce wind gusts, was upon us. We notified Huckleberry of our decision and hope to return sometime soon.

Here are a couple of shots from the ferry as we headed back to the Dockyard.

On board safe, dry and happy. `


  1. Sharon Quintavalle

    Hi Carl
    Wonderful pictures. They really tell a story of where you are!! Hope you stole a kiss under the moon gate!!

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