Epilogue, October 26, 2019, Vancouver to San Diego

Sitting in the San Diego International Airport waiting for American flight 313 to Dallas.  Just enough time before our departure to start my epilogue.  

Our disembarkation number, Black 1, was called around 8:40am.  We slowly made our way, via a long snaky line, to the gangway on deck 2.  Once on land, I went to rescue our luggage which was stowed in the terminal with thousands of other pieces, most of which seemed to be identical.  I thought it was a good idea to use a porter and found a pleasant young lady with bulging bicepts who was more than willing to help.  She quickly popped our two big bags onto her cart while Jimmy and Barbara sought theirs.  Ah, there they are and before we knew it we were on our way to customs which was just a formality.

Life on board the Eurodam was carefree and relaxing.  On sea days we could be found sitting under the shade on deck 9 behind the Lido; food within a few feet and the bar just a server away.

From our vantage point we could see the pool, the sky and the deep blue sea.  I never tire of looking at the beautiful, blue water as our ship, whatever one I’m on, makes its way toward some exotic destination.  It is absolutely hypnotic.

We had a wonderful trip, on a wonderful ship, with two wonderful friends; what more can I say?

ps: JoAnn and I will be sailing this January 2020 on the new Princess Sky for a seven night trip to warm, sunny places in the Caribbean. In May we will be doing a land trip to Madrid, Spain, and next July 2020 we will again be traveling with Barbara and Jimmy on a Viking River journey, beginning in Paris ending in Avignon.

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