Lumiere, the Chef’s Table, January 29, 2020

Warning, as most of you may recall, I almost never do photos of food. This blog entry, however, deals with a meal, its preparation and service. Therefore, there will be lots of pictures of food. Now, lets begin.

Dinner at the Chef’s Table, limited to 12 guests, begins when you are greeted by the Maitre d’Hotel, Giuseppe Gemini, in the Good Spirits Bar. The first thing we did was don white coats in preparation of passing through the kitchen in route to a gala evening.

The kitchen was fast at work, as you can see.

People starred at us as we were on our way through the dining room. To one diner, who was overly curious, I told her we were with the FDA inspecting the food.

As we were marching in, we were greeted by Executive Chef, Guido Jendrytzko.

He introduced himself and then escorted the 12 of us to a spot in the kitchen which was prepared in anticipation of our arrival.

The sculptures made from various vegetables, including in large part radishes, were very colorful.

We started with a champagne toast poured by the Maitre d’.

The first hors d’ oeuvre served was Ahi Tuna Tartare with Japanese Soy & Wasabi dressing. It was excellent.

Next up was Speck & Gruyere Pithiviers.

The cheese was followed by Duck, Port Glazed Fig & Cumberland Sauce. This too was excellent. And, again, service with a flourish.

Followed by Caviar with Sour Cream Gateau.

We were at hors d’ oeuvres for about 30 minutes. It was fun enjoying those treats while activity swirled around us. Every taste we had was outstanding. Then we were escorted to the Chef’s Table, Lumiere, in the Cielo Dining Room.

The table was set nicely with silver charger plates and elegant cutlery. Ample glasses for the wine to come. The area itself, while in the dining room, was isolated through the use of circular curtains that closed around us. We were in our own little place.

Our first course was Gallette of Crispy Scallop with Red Pepper Relish, Mint pea purée, and micro greens.

Next was Roasted Orange & Crystalized Ginger Sorbet served by Chef Guido.

Each course was paired with a complimentary wine.

The sorbet was followed by the main course, Duet of Lobster Tail & Beef Tenderloin with Lemon Foam & Chanterelle Burgundy Sauce. Both were excellent.

Our cheese course was Warm Stilton in Filo Parcel accompanied with Apricot Chutney. No photo of this sorry.

Dessert was a Study of Chocolate which was comprised of a slow cooked chocolate tart, milk chocolate pot de creme, white chocolate & pistachio parfait, candied oranges, and almond tuile.

Dinner was topped off when we were served with Chef Guido’s homemade gourmandises.

As a parting gift, the Chef personally presented each lady with a blush colored rose, a copy of the evening’s menu and a cookbook signed by him and the Maitre d’ Hotel along with pictures of our group and each couple.

And, before we knew it, the curtains were opened and dinner was over. A truly memorable evening.

If you are interested in enjoying the Chef’s Table, you can only book it once on board. Call the dining line upon embarkation to get on the list; don’t wait. To our knowledge, it is only offered once a cruise, and only if sufficient people request it, and then to a maximum of 12 guests.


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