Out and about on the Sky Princess, January 31, 2020

Today is our last sea day. It gives me a chance to meander around the ship and share some photos of it with you. I already shared pics of the outside areas; today is the interior. For the most part no commentary is necessary. The easiest way is to start at the top, deck 16, and work our way down. So, enjoy your tour of the new Sky Princess.

World Fresh Marketplace and Horizon Bistro. The blue in some of the pictures is due to the blue tinted windows. Deck 16.

The wedding chapel, deck 14.

Princess Theater, Decks 6 & 7. If you are going to a show, especially the production shows, get there early. The theater is enormous, accommodating many, many passengers.

Here are photos from both shows, Rock Opera and 5 Skies. They were both well done and enjoyable. For Rock Opera we had seats off of deck 7, more or less in the middle. Note and compare the difference with 5 Skies where we were on deck 6 on the left side of the theatre. First Rock Opera.

If you follow my blog then you know that I also like to take photos of art work. Here, as a break from ship photos, are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

The corridors are bright and airy and lined with wonderful photographs.

This was my favorite photo; I wish I had taken it. It is a picture of an alleyway in Morocco.

Alfredo’s Pizzeria, deck 7.

Bistro Sur La Mer, deck 7.

Crown Grill and Bar, deck 7.

Here’s one of us taken at the Crown Grill Bar.

Crown Grill Dining Room, deck 7.

Ocean Terrace Seafood (Sushi) Bar, deck 7. We didn’t see many people eating here but we had lunch here and it was truly very good. Give it a try if you like sushi. You won’t be disappointed.

Princess Live! & Cafe, deck 7.

Shops of Princess, deck 7.

Vista Lounge, deck 7. It is the secondary showroom and at the time I took the photo there was an event going on. There was a group on board, probably over 1.000 people, celebrating Irish music and they were in the Vista when I went in.

Casino, deck 6.

Estrella Dining Room, deck 6.

Good Spirits Bar, deck 6.

Photo Gallery, deck 6.

Take Five, deck 6.

Bellini’s, deck 5.

Gelato, deck 5.

International Cafe, deck 5.

Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria, deck 5.

Vines, deck 5.

The Piazza, deck 5. It is a beautiful venue and my photos don’t do it justice.

A lot takes place in the Piazza, from concerts to dance class. Have a look.

A wonderful ship and a wonderful vacation.

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