Another Glorious Day at Sea on the Oasis

Well, after a good nights sleep we awoke to a pleasant day. Took our time getting up and getting ready for the day. I, as is my designated job, got coffee for the two of us while JoAnn relaxed. With our coffee in hand we ventured onto our balcony to watch the sea and think about, about, what? How lovely it is to be sailing again? About how much we missed traveling? About where we are heading off to next time around?`

Water, water everywhere and isn’t it wonderful. View from our balcony.

First thing we did today was get up. The second thing was to go to lunch in the main dining room. It was empty, as is most of the ship. You would think, with few passengers on board, that they could find us a good table but noooo! Although the dining room was empty, I mean devoid of diners, they offered us a table opposite a busing station, in a dimly lit area; almost like being in the dark. We would have nothing to do with it and, guess what, a nice table was located, near a window, in the light. Here is a photo from our table.

Now, to be fair, our service was excellent as was our lunch. We both had cod. Each of us had a salad in the beginning, JoAnn’s had shrimp and mine salmon. Lunch was great and if it is anything like dinner then dining in the main dining room will be a treat.

After lunch we went in search of Portside Barbecue. We just wanted to see it (not to eat again). To our knowledge, it was added recently It is on deck 15 and offers all sorts of barbecue. The menu looked really good and if you are from Texas you will feel right at home. We will be back for lunch one day soon.

I really liked this sign of the fifty states which hangs in Portside. No matter where you’re from, everyonep loves barbecue.

From there we went in search of the Chef’s Table where we are having dinner tonight. It is in the solarium area and is really lovely. Here is a photo of the venue in the afternoon. According to the host, it is fully booked for the entire trip. I’ll try to remember to take a photo this evening. Although I don’t generally do photos of food, I’ll make an exception tonight.

Since we were on deck 15 we decided to walk around the area. It was breezy but also sunny. Weather was pleasant and people were out enjoying themselves as they relaxed poolside or with a game of mini-golf.

Here’s a shot of the boardwalk and the Ultimate Abyss.

Some additional photos taken as we strolled around starting with the Solarium and it serving area.

How’s this for a slide?

We really love Central Park. There’s nothing like it on the high seas.

We made our way down to Central Park, passing some interesting sculptures in the park, . . .

. . . as we made our way to the Trellis Bar.

Central Park puts me in mind of a tiny side street in Paris.

A small sidewalk cafe, the outside at Chops.

The flora in the Park is lovely . . .

. . . and gardeners are working hard to maintain everything.

Yesterday, as you already know, it rained cats and dogs. Umbrellas are provided for those who venture into the Park in fowl weather. Here are a couple of staff members working umbrella patrol outside of 150 Central Park.

The wind started gusting and we could feel moisture in the air so we gathered our stuff and scurried over to the Rising Tide Bar for a ride to deck 5 and back. Here is JoAnn along with Iris and Michael from the Rising Tide. Their service has been exceptional.

As we descended I took a couple of photos of the Schooners Bar and the Promenade.

It’s really a little eerie the open space and lack of passengers. The Oasis is designed to hold over 5,000 people plus staff. It’s as if time has passed us by and we are watching the end of an era instead of the beginning of a new chapter in the life of a ship.

Dinner at the chef’s table is almost always enjoyable. Tonight was no exception. We started with a welcome champagne cocktail and a round of introductions. We were with 6 other diners at a table that normally seats 16. The chef came in to describe the meal we were soon to enjoy.

Now, as you probably know, I don’t do pictures of food but every once in a while I break with tradition. So, for your viewing pleasure, I present “The Chef’s Table.”

Our first course was Scallop Carpaccio. Sliced scallops in yuzu vinaigrette. They were terrific and maybe the best thing we had, although everything was great. And now I present the Scallop Carpaccio. This plate was paired with a Pinot Grigio from Italy.

Our next course was smoked tomato soup with garlic, focaccia croutons and Parmesan cheese. It was accompanied with a Conundrum Chardonnay from Napa Valley. Here are two photos. The first is before the broth was poured and the second with the soup in the bowl.

Course three was a Maine Lobster Salad along with a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. It was very good and I consumed it before I realized no picture had been taken. You will just have to imagine it along with the glass of wine.

The fifth course was a grilled filet mignon with truffle potato purée, asparagus and accompanied with a Bordelaise sauce. It was finished with a glass of Robert Mondavi Maestro, 50th Anniversary, Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot. It too was very good.

Next and last was dessert, entitled “The World.” It was a peanut butter ganache Valrhona chocolate mousse with salted caramel gelato. Have a look.

Dinner was wonderful, the company great and it was essentially the end to a perfect evening.


  1. Barbara

    Can’t wait to try Chef’s Table (or whatever it is called on our January trip), it looks spectacular. Pictures look great, what a ship!

  2. Kathleen Naughton

    Thx for sharing such special times. Wish zi was there. Maybe another time! Hi and good wishes to you and Joanne. Nice to keep I. Touch. Kathy

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