Above the clouds, Jasper National Park, August 4, 2022

We woke to a cloudy, overcast day. On the agenda was a tram ride to the top of the world, or at least it felt like that. We were visiting Whistlers Mountain and I took this shot from the tram looking back at the base station.

Here’s another shot from further up as we were rising above the tundra. And, we were only about half way to our ultimate destination.

The view from the upper station of Whistlers Mountain , at 7424.54 feet up, was lovely with clouds floating by. Just reach out and grab a piece of cloud. It was all within your reach.

Here’s a few more from on high.

The view was exhilarating. Here is a photo of JoAnn and me. Even though it was August it was chilly on the mountain.

Here is the town of Jasper and the Bow River passing along side it.

A nice photo of JoAnn.

Conditions changed moment to moment. Another photo of the ever changing clouds; grey and forbidding.

Then we were back on the tram headed to our place of beginning. I snapped this photo of the trees as we descended. Unfortunately, the forests are being ravished by tree beetles which burrow through the bark and kill the trees from within. You can see the damaged and dying trees scattered throughout this photo.

The small town of Jasper was our next stop. It seemed pleasant, with two primary streets, Patricia and Connaught, as a “downtown.” The bus left us off on Patricia Street in the middle of the block. Here are some photos of Patricia Street. It runs a few blocks and has an assortment of gift shops, restaurants and essentials lining the way.

The bus from the tram left us off right in front of Tim Horton’s, a popular Canadian eatery. This spot seemed to be the center of all activity.

We strolled around a bit before heading to lunch and I took these shots of “downtown” Jasper.

I liked this little Episcopalian church.

A little neighborhood just behind Patricia Street.

Following a good lunch at Earl’s Restaurant we just made the 2:45 bus back to the Fairmont Lodge. Here are a couple of shots inside the lodge and one of the pool outside.

While walking around and just outside our room, I came upon this little fellow who seemed all to anxious to have his picture taken.

Dinner this evening, once again with Stuart and Julie, was at Orso Trattoria. It was very good and definitely the better meal at the lodge. Then, once again, off to bed in anticipation of another early morning call.

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