Out and about on the Celebrity beyond

The Beyond is really a beautiful ship. As our voyage was coming to an end, I decided to take photos of the exterior decks to give you an idea of what the outside has to offer. I am also including in this post photos of the Retreat. The Retreat is really a lovely area with many great amenities. So, let’s start with a couple of photos of the Retreat, both inside and out. As you know, the Retreat is limited to passengers staying in suites. It has an inside lounge and dedicated deck space. Its spans three decks in the bow and includes, on deck 16, the Luminae restaurant. I included some photos of Luninae previously so they won’t be included in this post.

Let’s start with the lounge.

There is a small serving area, shown in the picture that follows, as well as a small bar which mixes great bloody Mary’s.

Now, onto the outside of the Retreat starting with the bar. The bar is nice and you can get a small lunch at this location.

There are plenty of lounge chairs to relax in as you sail along.

Leaving the retreat we head for the main pool area, which is spacious with interesting little art pieces scattered around.

I find it interesting that the smokestacks also form the Celebrity X. Apparently in Greek the X is good luck. Another shot of the pool.

Getting from one place to another on the outside decks you might pass through this arcade.

Let’s make our way into the solarium on deck 16. An adult only area, it is covered to protect cruisers from the weather.

You can usually find the Magic Carpet hanging out on the port side of deck 16. It serves as a an open air lounge or restaurant with stunning views of the sea when positioned high up, and can be used as a “tender platform“ where passengers can catch boats to shore when the ship is at anchor. Here are a couple of views of the Magic Carpet.

The Rooftop Garden and Rooftop Garden Grill located on deck 15.

You will find the Oceanview Café on deck 14. It’s the large buffet area on the ship and offers a wide variety of food types, from Mexican to Indian to Pizza. It’s spacious and well thought out. Here are a couple of photos of the interior.

At the stern you will find the Oceanview Bar with ample outside seating. This is a pleasant place to enjoy breakfast or lunch as you sail along under blue sunny skies.

We really enjoyed the Beyond. It was hard saying goodbye when our trip came to an end. Right now we are looking forward to traveling to Las Vegas in March and France and the Netherlands in June. I hope you found this series of entries interesting and I look forward to you following us as we travel these next few months.

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