A visit to grand cayman, February 3, 2023

The day was overcast when we awoke. Breakfast for us was to be taken in Luminae. The food and service there has been extremely good. From there it was on to a tender for the short ride to the North Wharf. We disembarked the tender, passed through the gate and, at my insistence, turned left to stroll into town. We’ve been here numerous times and it is my favorite of the Western Caribbean islands; it’s clean and the people are friendly.

The pandemic seems, however, to have taken a toll on this once thriving port. The streets today were surprisingly devoid of shoppers. Many store fronts in the “downtown” were shuttered with some of the businesses having relocated to the Bayshore Mall. And, even it was missing foot traffic and had unoccupied stores.

Now, I told you we turned left as we left the wharf. I knew where we were heading and JoAnn, being the good trooper, followed. As the crow flies, we must have walked a half mile or so along Church Street when JoAnn said, “I think we are going in the wrong direction.” Well, being told I’m headed in the wrong direction is nothing new. Sometimes I have trouble following Google Maps, and that’s when it is speaking directions to me.

So, what did I do? I sought solace in the knowledge that my phone would show her that I, for once, was heading in the right direction. All I had to do was turn that communication device on, boot up Google and show her where we were and that I knew where we were going. A few moments later, after booting up we turned around and retraced our steps to the center of town. On our way, I managed to capture a few shots of the area. Have a look.

Fort George for starters.

We stopped in the Elmslie Memorial United Church to stop and view its art work. By now you realize that I love stained glass windows and the one behind the alter in this little church did not disappoint.

I liked this mural. It brought some Caribbean color to the area.

Remember I told you about shattered stores. This little street once teemed with people rushing in and out, buying small, but often very expensive, treasures to carry home. Today the street is a shell of it past thriving self.

A colonial era house. It houses a museum of the islands.

Bayshore Mall follow.

A couple of photos of the Beyond. Its lines are really interesting.

These photos I took during our return tender ride.

Welcome back to the Beyond.

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  1. Kathleen Naughton

    Loved the beautiful stained windows Cayman is our favorite island also people and restaurants and hotel. Want to back soon! Keep enticing me. Enjoy k

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