Elements, a great show on the Beyond

Friday evening we spent the 7 o”clock hour watching the production show, Elements. It is about the elements that make up our world, earth, wind, fire, aor and space. I decided to break with my usual approach, which is taking photographs, and mix videos with photos. The visuals to the show, via the digital screen, were dynamic and outstanding. So, here is a mix of a few photos and a few videos for your viewing and listening pleasure and, believe me, these don’t do the show justice. Spend a few moments (no video is longer than 60 seconds) and enjoy a brief glimpse of Elements.

The first shot is a photograph which displays the beauty of the digital screen. The colors are incredible.

Next is a video. Because it is compressed and optimized for the blog by WordPress its clarity is not the best but it provides a good idea of the way the screen is manipulated and the dynamic nature of the performance. All videos are of the same quality, sorry to say the videos in my camera are terrific and I’m disappointed I cannot share them with you. Still in all, enjoy the show.

First a photo followed by the video of the same scene. Note the difference in clarity.

I hope you enjoyed this little diversion.

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