A walk along deck 4 of the beyond

Let me take you for a walk along deck 4 of the beautiful Celebrity Beyond. No need, for the most part, for dialogue; the pictures speak for themselves. Let’s start at the stern end of the ship at the Cosmopolitan Restaurant. Two views.

Also on deck 4 is the Cyprus restaurant.

Let’s digress for a moment and swing by deck 3 for the Tuscan and Normandie Resturants. Let’s start with the Tuscan first.

And now, the Normandie.

Next in the way along the port side is the casino. Photos to follow in another post.

Beyond the casino (no play on words) is the sports bar, Craft Social.

On to the Le Grand Bistro/Le Pettit Chef, a French restaurant that changes its approach to food and service between lunch and dinner. It’s Le Grand Bistro at lunch with windows open onto the atrium, with seats outside the restaurant overlooking the atrium, and with windows closed for dinner. We have not dined there so can’t comment on the place.

Next we come to Le Voyage, a Daniel Boulud dining experience and his first signature restaurant at sea. We have reservations here for Saturday night. It is quite lovely, small and intimate, have a look.

As we move along, in the direction of the Theatre, we pass the club which is a small, secondary show lounge.

The Theatre. The first photo is during rehearsal and the second of Joanna during her show, The use of the digital screens is extraordinary.

Upon entering the Theatre you are greeted by this fellow.

Working our way back along the port side we come to some shops, the Destination Concierge, Shore Excursions and then the photo gallery. Before you know it your have arrived at Cafe Al Bacio.

After passing a few shops and these stairs to deck 5 . . .

. . . You are back at the Cyprus restaurant and so ends our tour of deck 4. Let me know what you think.


  1. Barbara

    Your pictures are outstanding, it makes me feel like I am on the ship. Seems that there are a lot of dining experiences onboard , I’ll be anxious to hear how you liked the restaurant you have chosen for your Saturday dinner. Looks like a wonderful cruise.

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