Strolling around bordeaux, june 17 & 18, 2023

Saturday, June 17, 2023, saw us transitioning from our hotel to the Azamara Journey. We started our day with breakfast in a small café across the street from our hotel and then we were on our way to the ship. The boarding process went smoothly from luggage drop off until the time we were in our cabin. Among other things, we are celebrating our wedding anniversary, and our cabin steward had celebratory surprise waiting for us.

Because of the transfer from our hotel and all the activity of checking in and familiarizing ourselves with the ship, we decided to stay on board for the day. We knew Sunday would be busy and so taking it easy was a good idea.

We left the Journey midmorning on Sunday. The weather was pleasant with billowy clouds floating overhead. We began walking down the quay where a busy outdoor market was located. As we begin our stroll we came upon Michel who was busy painting a picture of our ship. He graciously allowed me to take this photo of him.

We spoke briefly with him.  He was very affable and enjoyed showing us some of his artwork.  He told us he goes everywhere on his bike, carrying his paints and brushes wherever his bike takes him. This photo of our ship is the scene he was painting.

I always find markets interesting. They tell us things about the habits and lives of local people and the farm lands around the town. This market was no different. Those manning the stalls were pleasant. I took a number of shots, all of some of which follow.

I especially like this photo of olives. The colors are truly dynamic.

The olives belonged to this father and son who seemed to find life fun.

The colors and textures of the radishes, carrots and tomatoes were great.

And, just before leaving for lunch, I saw this little guy with the funny smile and just couldn’t pass him up.

After a pleasant lunch on board, we headed off in search of Eglise Saint Louis-Des-Chartrons on Rue Notre Dame.  We could see the spires from the ship and wanted to go exploring for the church.

We passed through some interesting neighborhoods on the way, and I took a couple of shots as we went.

Here are a couple of shots of Eglise Saint Louis.

From here we made it over to the public garden where people were picnicking and laying out sunbathing; children were playing. The park is quite lovely. Here are some photos of the area.

I found this couple interesting.

Then we started the trip back to the Journey in preparation of saying good bye to Bordeaux. Have a look at what we saw as we were walking.

Let’s say goodbye to Bordeaux with a ride on a Ferris-wheel! Great city, I’d certainly return.

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