Umbrellas of Cherbourg, June 24, 2023

The port of Cherbourg is very busy. We were shuttled from the Journey to the passenger terminal where we boarded another shuttle bus into bustling Cherbourg. It was Saturday and folks were out and about enjoying the weekend. The market was busy in Place de Gaulle.

Located in the center of the Place is the carousel, drawing children in anticipation of an endless ride on a stallion or unicorn. Here is a photo of JoAnn taking a shot of the carousel and a second, closer view.

Cherbourg is not like our other, touristy, stops; it lacks the charm of Bordeaux or Saint-Malo, due in part, I’m sure, to being rebuilt after the war. Here is another photo taken at Place de Gaulle. Notice the buildings in the background. Much of what we saw, but not everything, was similar to these.

Every city has its little bit of “wall art” and Cherbourg was no exception.

Now and then we turned a corner and were met with interesting views and charming ways.

And, not all buildings were boring and uninspiring. Some, like these, were attractive and interesting.

The weather was sunny and hot. The crowds were not overwhelming but the streets were active with people rushing here and there.

The Theatre is located in Place de Gaulle. The facade is populated with busts of famous artists.

There is more to Cherbourg than the Place de Gaulle. JoAnn I wanted to visit Le Parapluie de Chèrbourg, the famous umbrella boutique and factory to see the umbrellas of Chèrbourg made famous by the movie of the same name. We couldn’t miss the building.

Because it was Saturday we couldn’t tour the factory but I managed to take this shot. I even indulged myself with the purchase of one of these beauties.

We stopped for a light lunch and a refreshing beer . . .

. . . before heading off in search of the Basilica of the Holy Trinity. The basilica was largely destroyed during World War II and then rebuilt keeping the flamboyant gothic style.

The interior was striking, starting with the entryway. I liked the decorative, curving little columns.

The interior is calm and serene.

The columns make me think we can take flight, soaring overhead, looking down on the congregants deep in devotion.

This chapel was beautiful in its shades of blue and gold.

Looking for a quiet escape in the heart of the city? Seek out Parc Emmanuel Liais, a delightful reprise from the hustle and bustle. The plantings and diversity of plants, trees and flowers is outstanding. You can easily miss the entrance but tucked behind those houses is a real treasure.

And now, lets stroll through the parc.

I loved this majestic tree.

I was mesmerized by the colors of these flowers.

Then, before we knew it we were on the bus returning to the Journey preparing to depart for Honfleur.

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