Sacre-coeur, Paris, October 21,2023

JoAnn and I have been to Sacre-Coeur on a number of occasions but I never tire of visiting this magnificent basilica. So, we hailed a taxi and took off for another visit. The basilica is high up on a hill in Montmartre. The wind was howling and rain was falling when we finally arrived. We joined the line of people seeking entry and shelter from the storm and soon we were inside.

The beauty of the basilica for me is in its mosaics. The sculptures are wonderful also. I hope you enjoy my photographs and I hope you have an opportunity to visit on your own. For extensive information about Sacre-Coeur click on this link to a Wikipedia page.


The plan of the interior is a Greek cross with the altar in the center. In the first two photos, Christ is looking down on his congregation from above.

I liked this statue and hope you do as well.

The following photos were taken as we walked around the perimeter.

Then we happened upon this lovely lady hard at work.

There is beauty wherever you look; statuary, stained glass and mosaics. It’s a feast for the eyes and it can be quite overwhelming.

St. Michael slaying the dragon.

One circumnavigation (almost) of the interior and we found ourselves outside, just two more in the crowd. The view from the basilica, looking over the city, is awe inspiring.

Until next time Sacre-Coeur.

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