A Visit to Chateau de Varennes October 24, 2023

We are in the heart of the Beaujolais country and are headed for a visit to the Chateau de Varennes winery to learn about wines and for a tasting. The day was overcast with hints of rain on the horizon. The Chateau, stately and handsome, was visible as we turned into the driveway.

We were greeted by the owners who, with the help of our guide, told us some of the history of the family-owned winery.

Then we were ushered inside where the owners explained, in simple terms, the wine making process. Here are a couple of vats loaded with fermenting grapes.

Oak barrels are used to age the wine. The barrels are good for three agings and then they become, according to our guide, tables or decorations at traffic roundabouts.

This is our group listening to the winemakers explaining their offerings with glasses in hands awaiting the first pour.

We tasted four wines; here they are. They were all very good, easy on the palate.

Outside again, I took this photo of a wing of the Chateau.

This overlooks the valley and was taken from the terrace.

A wonderful tree.

And, just before leaving I took this shot; I liked this scene with the colors of autumn and the great perspective.

Then we were off to the little village of Beaujeu.

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