October 25, 2023 in Vienne

If it’s Wednesday it must be Vienne, a town in southeastern France on the Rhône. Vienne was a Roman colony and vestiges of Rome are visible in many locations. For a detailed discussion of Vienne check out this Wikipedia post.


The weather was pleasant but cloudy and overcast as we left the Viking Hermod for our stroll around town. There were about 40 of us in the group.

Our first stop was in the Jardin de Ville, a lovely green space along the riverbank.

The statue is a “Monument for Michel Servetus” as he is about to be executed. For more details, see the following link.


Memories of Rome are found throughout Vienne. Here is a Roman road as it was unearthed years ago.

A Roman arch, also within the garden.

We started toward the Cathedral Saint-Maurice. Here are a couple of typical street scenes, taken as we made our way.

The Cathedral dominates the area. It is a medieval Roman Catholic Church.

A closer look at the arch over the entrance reveals, in part, the absence of statuary. According to our guide, the French revolution not only rebelled against the monarchy but also against the church. As a result many statues were destroyed or, in some instances, decapitated.

The church is supported by flying buttresses.

The decor inside was different. Walls without adornment but modern crosses hanging everywhere, suspended from the ceiling, and stained glass windows. Imagine, I was in a church/cathedral without taking a lot of photos. Truth to tell, upon entering we sat in pews while our guide spoke to us. When she was done we were herded out and I missed my opportunity to stroll around.

Also, from the Roman past is the Temple of Augustus and Livia which was built during the reign of Emperor Augustus. As we were in route to the Temple, I managed a shot of this lady enjoying a spot of flowery color.

I now present the Temple of Augustus and Livia.

Some other shots taken in the area. The first, a window and reflection.

Enjoy some of the sights of Vienne.

I like this shot. It’s of the bell tower of Saint Andre le Bas, an abbey founded in the 6th century.

Looking north along the Rhône.

In the distance, high on a hill in the prior photo, you can see an ancient castle. Here is another shot of it.

One last photograph of Vienne, looking across the Rhône. Vienne was a lovely town and a pleasant place to visit.

Tomorrow we visit Tournon-sur-Rhône & Viviers.

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