Anne Frank House and Museum, November 3, 2018

Saturday morning, November 3rd, found us on the way to the Anne Frank House. 


The house (indicated in blue on the photo below), located on the Prinsengracht Canal


is now a museum dedicated to the memory and determination that was the Frank family.  For two long and desperate years Otto Frank, his wife Edith and their two daughters Anne and Margot, along with three friends, hid in the annex of the building that housed Otto’s business.  During this time Anne wrote her diary, a description of her current situation and hopes and aspirations for the future.  She yearned to be a journalist.  


A visit to the Anne Frank House should be a must on everyone’s bucket list.  It is a memorial to the depravity of man and hope for the future.  Much of what is discussed and displayed reflects the delicate nature of humanity and is a reflection of what is occurring in America and around the world today.

We all hope for a better, safer life and future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.  Brutality and inhumanity are not the province of the past; they exist today and hover over us waiting to envelope humanity.  Who will stop them?  Who will protect those seeking protection from persecution?  If not America then who?  History is something from which we learn and something we hope not to repeat.

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